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Peumus boldus

Tonic, Antiseptic, Demulcent, Cholagogue, Hepatic, Diuretic, Sedative, Choleretic, Hepatotonic, Vermifuge, Stimulant

Boldo, Boldina, Baldina

Myrtenal, Alpha-fenchol, Ascaridole, Boldine, Boldoglucin, Camphene, Camphor, Choline, Coumarin, Eugenol, Farnesol, Isoboldine, Sabinene, Tannin, Boldin, Gum, Resin, Reticuline

Boldo is a widely used herb in South America. It has been used to treat liver, gallbladder and bowel dysfunctions. It helps promote fat digestion by stimulating the secretion of bile. It helps neutralize acid and is good for digestion. It has been used in Latin America for urogenital inflammations such as gonorrhea.

Elsewhere it has been used for gout, hepatitis, rheumatism, syphilis and worms. It has been shown to be an antiseptic and diuretic which is good for urinary infections and uric acid elimination.

Boldo nourishes the blood, enhances digestion and aids liver function. This widely used herb is believed to be an excellent general tonic for the body.

Any herb which is used to treat liver dysfunctions.

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