Uncaria tomentosa

Immune stimulant, Antimutagenic, Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Antiviral, Diuretic, Vermifuge, Antibacterial

Cat's Claw, Una de gato, Paraguayo, Hawk's Claw

Alkaloids, Allopteropodine, Angustine, Anthraquinones, Hirsutine, Isomitraphylline, Isopteropodine, Mitraphylline, Oleanolic-acid, Pteropodine, Sterols, Uncarine, Ursolic-acid, Triterpenes, Glycosides, Polyphenols, Tannins,

Cat's Claw - 100 cap

Cat's Claw - 100 cap

Cat's Claw, or Uña de Gato, is a woody Peruvian vine that gets its name from two sharp curved thorns at the base of each leaf. Nature's Herbs Cat's Claw is harvested by the Asháninka Indians of Peru. The Asháninka have resisted harassment by narco-terrorists who wanted them to grow cocaine. They created a special land preserve where they support their families by harvesting Uña de Gato instead of cocaine. Studies have shown that the inner bark of the vine contains the same beneficial properties as the root and is ecologically preferred since it can be gathered without destroying the plant. In fact, the bark will grow back and replenish itself as long as the root remains intact. Nature's Herbs offers Cat's Claw Bark as a traditional single herb, where each capsule contains only dried Cat's Claw Bark powder, and as a standardized extract, where the active constituents from Cat's Claw Bark are concentrated and standardized to prescribed levels. Nature's Herbs Cat's Claw-Power provides 100 mg of Certified Potency standardized extract, concentrated and standardized for 3 mg Total Oxindole Alkaloids, the active ingredients believed responsible for the benefits in Cat's Claw Bark. Supporting Asháninka culture while providing the highest quality Cat's Claw available. That's Nature's Herbs Cat's Claw Bark.

Cat's Claw, "The Sacred Herb of the Rainforest" is a woody vine that grows wild in the highlands of the Peruvian Amazon. It has been used for thousands of years by the native Ashanica Indians to help the body's natural defense system.

Reseach on this incredible herb started in the 1970's and continues. Much of this ongoing research indicates that Cat's Claw may be beneficial in the treatment of cancer, arthritis, genital herpes and herpes zoster, allergies, systemic candida, PMS, environmental toxic poisoning, organic depression and the treatment of those infected with the HIV virus.

In 1989 six oxindole alkaloids from the root were isolated and patented by Klaus Keplinger. Four of these alkaloids have been proven to enhance phagocytosis(the ability of the white blood cells and macrophages to attack, engulf and digest harmful micro-organisms, foreign matter and debris).

Other alkaloids and phytochemicals in Cat's Claw have been shown to provide natural support against many viri. When included as a regular part of the diet, they naturally support normal blood pressure and help prevent inflammation as well as act as anti-mutagenic agents.

Use this herb to build your immune system, to fight candida, herpes or any of the known conditions which have successfully been treated with "The Sacred Herb".


The immune system is the body's first line of defense against illness. Innumo-stimulants are herbs which build, strengthen and stimulant the maximum functioning of the immune system.

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